Goddess Tube

Lady Tube

Goddess Bath and Body Collection

Magick Tube/Box! Launching Summer of 2021

"Having your period is something that you should never be ashamed
about and A Genie's Dream is helping women overcome that stigma!"

Nadia Murdock—Author, Instructor & Fitness Coach

"A Genie's Dream is genius with these magical tubes!"

Shaakira—Into The Row, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

"A Genie's Dream celebrates women and their period.
Encouraging females not to be ashamed or dread their monthly,
but instead opt for healthy ways to deal with it."

Binge Magazine

"Chocolate, crystals, and even jewelry in a box that syncs up
with your cycle? Yes please, we’re digging A Genie’s Dream."

TechStyle NYC

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A Genie's Dream is all about empowering women and the individual. Behind each tube, there is a Cycle of 3: support for locals, repurpose tubes, and stories of individuals. We include products that are made here locally in Utah, we advocate a healthy environment by repurposing our sturdy tubes in many creative (and fabulous) ways, and we highlight the stories of the people behind the creation of A Genie's Dream.

We want to make it a movement to inspire women to unleash the creative spark within themselves to unleash their inner genie. It is a never-ending cycle of giving and sharing.

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